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Finding My Flow

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I have random thoughts and I want to blog. I feel like bloggers should have a brand. My thoughts are so all over the place; I have no idea what my blog will consist of.

So here are a couple of ideas of what I could blog about. (This is more so to help me think aloud.)

  • My Life as a Mom
    • It can be very interesting because my son is more a 30-year old in a 10-year old’s body. I cook, clean, help with homework, take the kid to games and other events. We sometimes even get to travel. YAY!
  • Travel – Local, National, and International
    • Well, once I get extra dough, this would be the way to go.. Check out my flow! I’m a lyricist. Back on track. I could put a spin on it, like highlighting local travel or hidden gems in Toledo. Or I could blog about uncommon things to do in big cities. Like the time I went to NYC and decided it would be so fun to take a bike tour over the Brooklyn Bridge. Yeah.. Genius move, but an experience.
  • Toledo After Dark
    • Not sure if there is much to do, but I consider myself an untrained detective, so this could be fun. A blog about activities in Toledo could be extremely helpful to my fellow Toledoans and it would force me to get out of the house.
  • Life and Relationships
    • They’re both so complex. I’ve learned so much and have an interest in sharing my experiences. I would love to be a mentor one day.
  • Local Issues and Mental Health
    • Working for a non-profit, I see how local Toledoans struggle in their daily lives to have access to resources. It’s a part of the reason I want to enroll in school to get a MSW (Master of Social Work). I really want to focus on mental health because I feel it’s a stigma, yet is the source of a lot of the issues I see at work.
  • Spirituality and Growth
    • I grew up in church, but it was more about religion than spirituality. I also attended services at the mosque with my dad. It’s very interesting growing up in a two-religion home. There are funny stories and lessons on respect and love.
  • Food
    • I love it! I’ve been trying different recipes, so I’m adding on wonderful list of qualities. What can I write about other than trying new recipes? My struggle with eating out. Not due to dietary restrictions, but my disappointment in food because I have high expectations. I’m picky. I’m fine with that.

There is it! The list of possibilities. Topics I know I will have in interest in writing about and share fun, interesting opinions with all of you. I’m sure I’ll try all of them at one time or another.

I have to make it fun and fun it shall be. I’m so excited!

I’m optimistic! Get ready – it’s going to be a fun ride.

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