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Mothers Matter: Advocating for Health Equity to Improve Maternal Mortality

International Federation of Social Workers 2020

The online presentation highlighted the issue of maternal mortality and health equity can help improve health outcomes for pregnant women and mothers of children six months and younger. The presentation outlined the role of physicians, racism, and the importance of supports (emotional, mental, and physical). The workshop will consist of a PowerPoint and case studies on the issue of maternal mortality.

Ignite Ann Arbor: 11/7/19

20 slides in 5 minutes? It’s possible! I presented on an extended version of my blog titled, “We’re Not Angry… We’re Human!” in an effort to dismantle the stereotype of the Angry Black Woman. The presentation discussed specific stereotypes of Black women, microaggressions, and how unique, creativity, and diverse Black women are.

Ignite Ann Arbor is presented by A2Geeks. Click here for more information.

Past Engagement: black radical scholars

Black Radical Scholars was the brainchild of two MSW (Master of Social Work) candidates and social justice advocates/activists. We started a small enterprise that brings original thoughts and creations to life through ethical fashions.

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Black Mother’s Matter

Social Work project for the Community and Social Systems course at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. The project highlighted health disparities for Black women and how racism impacts the disproportionate rates of maternal mortality. We identified doulas as an intervention to work towards achieving equity in reproductive health.

Black Maternal Health Week Extended

In the U.S., Black women are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related conditions. Increasing rates of maternal mortality and severe maternal mortality continue to plague women for an experience that should be a time of celebration for welcoming new life. For some, giving birth is literally life or death.

black radical scholars co-hosted a conversation to discuss resources and support for pregnant and postpartum Black women and the importance of Black Maternal Health and Reproductive Justice.