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  • Supporting Black Women in Higher Education

    One of my motivations for pursuing a career in higher education stemmed from my personal experiences as a first generation college student. My path was anything but linear. There were academic and personal challenges that created barriers to attempting to obtain a bachelor’s degree. My first try was right out of high school at the……

  • A Sense of Goodness

    goodness: /ˈɡo͝odnəs/ the quality of being morally good or virtuous. I’ve been having conversations with my husband about our childhood and the traditions we experienced. We’ve explored how the folks in our generation have let go of some traditions and experiences because of the trauma some of us have experienced. We are a constant work……

  • Reframing and Living

    I recently presented my Challenging Dysfunctional Beliefs presentation this past Thursday. I usually host workshops around self-care and self-compassion, but I decided to start using my coaching skills to host presentations. I chose to present on dysfunctional beliefs for several reasons, but mostly because while doing research and presenting, I find it healing and the……