Intentional Relationships

In the latest episode of The Middle Child Podcast, I discussed my intentions with relationships I want to gain in the future. This past year has taught me that we all have expectations and intentions for others, but we don’t often communicate them. We get upset when people don’t meet those expectations. We may end… Continue reading Intentional Relationships


We’re Not Angry… We’re Human! Confronting Stereotypes of the “Angry” Black Woman

I'm 5'4" and very much an introvert. I love my personal space and I value my small circle of friends. I love going to the museum, the symphony, the Opera, visiting local coffee shops and farmer's markets. The only physical attribute I gave was my height. When I mentioned the things I like to do,… Continue reading We’re Not Angry… We’re Human! Confronting Stereotypes of the “Angry” Black Woman

Learning to be Loved

Overcoming the lies I told myself and obstacles while dating. It's been a long time since I've been able to blog. I'm glad to be back on the laptop and sharing my life with all of you. The last several months have been so busy - between taking foundation courses for social work and moving,… Continue reading Learning to be Loved