Reframing and Living

I recently presented my Challenging Dysfunctional Beliefs presentation this past Thursday. I usually host workshops around self-care and self-compassion, but I decided to start using my coaching skills to host presentations. I chose to present on dysfunctional beliefs for several reasons, but mostly because while doing research and presenting, I find it healing and the… Continue reading Reframing and Living


Intentional Relationships

In the latest episode of The Middle Child Podcast, I discussed my intentions with relationships I want to gain in the future. This past year has taught me that we all have expectations and intentions for others, but we don’t often communicate them. We get upset when people don’t meet those expectations. We may end… Continue reading Intentional Relationships

Time to Experiment with Failure

Photo by Anete Lusina on I’ve been using The Pattern app recently as a suggestion from a friend. It’s usually spot on about things that have come up in my personal and professional life. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m working to prioritize happiness and joy so that I can… Continue reading Time to Experiment with Failure

What’s Holding You Back?

Photo by Moose Photos on That’s a question I always ask myself when it comes to exercise and starting a side hustle. I know what to do, but the perfectionist in me is a hindrance to me and my ability to move forward. There are days I wish I could take my own advice.… Continue reading What’s Holding You Back?