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Lifeview – A Reflection

A couple of months ago, I went through a training to help prepare me for working with college students t help them to design their college careers. During the training, we were tasked with writing a prompt for our thoughts on life and the world. We had a moment to reflect and had several guiding questions as we discussed our views on life and the world. My students have been submitting their assignments on their lifeviews and I thought, “Sis, you need to share yours.” So here it is. My views from that day, June 15, 2021.

We are here to have an experience on this Earth – to learn a lesson and perhaps make change in the process. No matter how insignificant we may think our lives are, our actions matter because they impact others. The meaning of life is left up to the individual and what they want to get out of the experience. I don’t believe there is a clear answer other than to have an experience. The meaning of death is the transition from this life – our journey has ended. Maybe we learned our lesson, maybe we left this life longing to do more without enough time. It’s my belief that we aren’t meant to walk this Earth alone. We meet and interact with people based on certain occurrences in our lives. Some folks breathe life into us while others take energy and are draining.

Our relationship between persons, life, and reality are based on the perception of the individual. We grow and change over time as do our relationships. Our perceptions also changed depending on what we’re exposed to. In life, what is good or worthwhile are things that have a purpose and create opportunities for growth and learning. Things may not feel good, but the gist is that there is value to the thing whether it be animate or inanimate. The meaning of time – I feel we’re on a continuum. The sun rises and sets as the Earth orbits the sun. Time is a matter of matter. It is us humans that construct time such as days and hours to put labels on events. Time moves quickly – things that are will soon be a distant memory. It makes me excited and anxious to know what’s to come, but also that our individual time will one day end. I believe in God based on things that have happened in my life. The things I’ve prayed for and can’t explain how they came into existence.

How we are formed as humans is intriguing – we live in water and then are birthed into air. It’s an amazing creation. I believe God has my best interest at heart and wants what’s best for me. I want to understand some of the lessons I go through. Just as I build relationships with people, that’s the plan to build my relationship with God. Joy, sorrow, justice, injustice, love, peace, strife, good, and evil – those are a part of the human experience for balance. We can’t know one without the other. If there were no sorrow, we wouldn’t know joy. Without good, we wouldn’t know evil. There wouldn’t be an example of other and life would be perfect. Then again, if life were perfect, I don’t see the point of us existing. 

After I initially wrote it, I realized how much it almost sounded like gibberish. But when I read it, I realized how profound it was. I’ve come to realize that things can seem like they don’t make sense until they do. The need to be perfect, to sound perfect, to write in a certain manner – it limits our thoughts and our actions. We don’t act waiting for perfect moments instead of getting things done and working through the process.

In my current role as a Design Coach, one skill I have worked to improve is being adaptable to situations in which I have no control. I would love for each session I have with students to be these great moments filled with laughter, joy, and learning. I’ve also had to be willing to fail – this is one for the books. I don’t write as much for that very reason. I don’t want to fail because it doesn’t feel good, but I know that there’s a story inside. We may be living this life, but as I tell my students, each journey to the goal will be different. My lifeview may be similar to others, but it’s not exactly the same.

Embrace the difference that each life situation brings. That’s what makes us all unique. Even when you think about perceptions and situations. Two people can watch the same situation and have a different interpretation of the event. It’s interesting if you sit back and think about it. But it also makes me wonder how our perception impacts others. When I talk about empathy with students and how they can show empathy and compassion in passing (because there are times when we can’t take extra time to have meaningful conversations with others), I’m always inspired to look at how I show up and how I can be the change, show empathy, and live life with meaning for myself and to make an impact for others.

“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”

Audre Lorde

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