A Humbling Experience

I’ve been humbled.

I like to operate in the background. Need help with planning or developing policies and procedures? I’m your person! Just don’t ask me to be in the spotlight. It’s been my past experience that the spotlight equals trouble. It means that people are watching my every move, ready to tear any little mistake apart. Thinking about it raises my anxiety level. I’m an ideas person. My mind is constantly going. It brings me so much joy. I love planning details, organizing, bringing people together, sharing ideas, and educating others. If I had unlimited access to funds, I would travel the world, working to support communities to become self-sustaining. I’d host workshops for underserved communities to let them know that they have the power to change. I’d work with young people promoting self-love and self-worth. Sharing my story in the hopes that they won’t have the trials and tribulations I had to go through – letting them know our journeys are unique and they can learn from my mistakes without repeating them.

Sounds like a wonderful dream job! It still may happen one day. I’m keeping hope alive.

Now that you know a little bit about my dream and my anxiety, let me share how I’ve been humbled. I found myself in a position where I know I placed less value on myself and my capabilities. Before I delve into that, I’d provide more insight on why I placed less value on myself. Growing up in a Christian home, we were always taught to be humble and that we’re no better than anyone else. I confused being proud of my accomplishments with playing down my accomplishments because I didn’t want to be boastful. I thought anything I did was because it’s what I had to do not for myself, but for others. I put others before myself and forgot about my own dreams and goals.

It’s interesting that I place less value on my skills and capabilities because other people see them. I do, but I try my hardest to not make me conceited. Now that I’m in this new position in my life, that has mindset has changed. I know I procrastinate out of fear. I cannot let fear drive me. I know that I’m used to doing most things on my own. I now have a supportive group of people who inspire me to do better. I had to dig deep inside and know that all that I do and what I create is worthy of attention and praise. I can love God and be proud of myself because I am created in His image. I know that my accomplishments are not in vain, I just have to believe in myself. I know that I’ve been humbled in a way that has caused me to be more reflective and vocal about my achievements and my capabilities.

Settling for less is no longer an option. When you read this, think about areas in your life where you have neglected yourself for others. Whether it be at home, work, or school. You don’t have to shrink to make others feel good about themselves. I just had a conversation with my son last week about a test he took. He didn’t do as well as he wanted and told me that he had the right answer and changed it because he was uncertain. I’m going to give you the same advice I gave him. Go with your gut and stop second guessing yourself. We’ve seen time and time again where mediocre folks to stuff and get praised for it. You’re sitting on a goldmine and are keeping it wrapped like a piece of Willy Wonka chocolate. Get your golden ticket and do the thing. It might be scary, but it’s yours. We have unique gifts and something special to offer. Our stories matter.

Let’s do the thing! Let’s get it done!

Yes, I’m motivating you. I’m also motivating myself. Unwrap your gift. Highlight your experience and your talent. SHINE!

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