Alishea Sutton

Strategic – Intentional – Visionary

Something Different

Where do I even begin?

Life as we know it has changed in a matter of days. Decisions have been made about social distancing and it’s not what we’re accustomed to. We’re expected to be social beings. Now we’re forced indoors with limited human connection other than social media, texts, and phone calls.

Before I go down a rabbit hole, I’d like to redirect my focus and share a couple of poems I wrote. I don’t consider myself an actual poet. I’m just someone who gets inspired to write every now and then. When the muse is present, I take advantage.

Without further ado, my poems…

Why Should I Care?

Love misunderstood and misused.
Chaos everywhere… Now we’ve been forced to slow down…

When life was hectic and every moment was abused
because we thought we would live forever.

Do we always treat our neighbors kindly or is kindness circumstantial?

Pause… Let that sink in…

When life in no longer paused, will we continue to have empathy and compassion?

Will love become how we live and lead?
I hope our hearts are filled with joy as we rediscover humanity.

Or is this all temporary? As is life…

So why should I care?


Beauty is her name
but not all beauty is the same.

Narrow, wide, thick, and strong.
Rise up! Show up and show out!

Your opinion does not define me.
Your eyes may lie and cause your
mind to think my beauty does not
meet your standards.
But I’m an acquired taste –
not everyone can consume me.

Perfection doesn’t exist
Ignorance is bliss
I am not your encyclopedia,
so pick up a book, search online
and gain knowledge to elevate your mind.

Because I’m not like her, them,
or your mom’n’em!

My Black is outstanding!
Lasting through generations, unchanged.

Magic. Powerful. Sustained!

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