Alishea Sutton

Strategic – Intentional – Visionary

A Prayer in Time

I wrote this poem/prayer with the hope that it can help someone to know they are not alone. We all go through periods of suffering, pain, and grief. I am here to let you know the feelings will pass.

Here’s some encouragement, you are amazing even if no one tells you. You are capable of living a fulfilled life. Setbacks will happen, but your comeback and your response to the setbacks are up to you. You are loved and valuable.

Your Daughter’s Plea

Father, do You hear me? Or have You left my side? I talk to You often because my life is a mess. Do You hear my cries? Do You see me when I cry myself to sleep?

I tried seeking You through prayer. I even meditated and heard nothing but silence. I listened for a whisper, a sign that You were there.

Lord, do You love me? I’ve experienced hard times, abuse, and neglect. I’ve done things that I now regret. I thought You would protect me. I asked for forgiveness, hoping You would erase the haunting of my past. But I still suffer everyday. I can’t say sorry enough. Have I truly lost my way?

Is all of my hope lost? I thought You had great plans for me. I’m ready to receive it now. But I guess You know best. I’m just tired of the pain and I want it gone. My heart is burdened. I tried to give them to You, but for some reason the burdens won’t leave me be.

God, help me. All I want is peace and to know You. Tell me what I need to do.

Father, here I am. Your daughter. This is my plea. Heal my heart. Heal my mind, body, and soul.

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