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Forming New Habits

I’m not one to make a New Year’s resolution. When I decide to do something, I’m all in for the first week or so. The excitement of starting a new plan keeps me going. I make my to do list and plan my days. Then life gets in the way. I come from work physically exhausted and mentally drained. I just want to eat and numb my mind with Netflix.

And that’s only the half of it. My boyfriend and I are constantly talking about how we are going to change our spending and eating habits. It sounds great, but we have fail to write down any plan of action. We even bought a copy of Time Magazine with a special edition on the power of habits.

We read it for one day.

With our multiple failed attempts, frustration set in. Our broken promises to ourselves and each other has caused us to live in the moment. I can tell the lack of planning isn’t going to make us move closer to our financial and fitness goals. (Lord, help us.)

With those attempts at changing habits us, we are starting over on February 1st. The first step is to actually open the magazine and write down what we plan to accomplish in the next three months.

The first month, we will be focusing on two things: fitness and finances.

My boyfriend decided it would be a great idea to sign us up for a Spartan race in June. I don’t want to waste money, we’ll be training throughout the week. I downloaded the five week training program. I have no idea where to start, so the training program will be helpful.

For finances, we will have set up automatic savings for our bank account. We still have debt to tackle, but any savings is better than no savings. Small amounts can add up fast, so it’s best to save sooner better than later. Saving $10 each pay with 26 pay periods is $260. Not saving any money per pay period is no money saved. We plan go increase our savings as our debt is paid off.

One of my other goals is to read more often. I’ve been attempting to read Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead. It’s been a great book so far, but finding time to finish has been a challenge.

To overcome these personal challenges, I have created a schedule to stick to throughout the work week. The schedule includes what I will accomplish before I go to work and what will be accomplished after work.

Here’s my intended schedule:

AM Schedule

  • 30 – 45 min. journaling and meditation
  • 45 min. workout routine (yoga, stretching, or weight lifting)

PM Schedule

  • 1 hr. reading
  • 1 hr. working on business plan/volunteer work

The next two months will focus on stayong on task with our goals. I’m excited and nervous, but we need to make it work. Its now or never. We can either change our bad habits or stay the same and continue to be frustrated.

Here’s to the first three months of changing habits and focusing on goals.

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  1. Awesome Read! Congratulations and Blessings!

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