Alishea Sutton

Strategic – Intentional – Visionary

This Journey Called Life


My first official blog post. There are so many topics I could write about, but at this moment, I’m choosing to write from the heart. And at this moment, I would like to discuss inspiration.
There are so many books, blogs, videos, etc. about inspiration. Finding inspiration comes to people are various times in their lives, depending on their jobs, experiences, education, friends, family, and other factors.
As I’m typing, I am amazed by the lengths I’ve taken to be inspired. I’ve joined organizations, volunteered my time, and spent tons of hours reading and researching what I should do to find my passion/inspiration. None of the time spent has been time wasted. I’ve had plenty of learning experiences. If I would’ve done things “right” by my own account, I’m not sure if I would’ve come to the conclusion I’ve reached at the moment.
At the moment, I’m in my feelings. I have been running from what truly brings me joy. Educating and inspiring others inspires me. My true calling is to be a teacher and I know it. But instead of dwelling on the past, I’ll look to my future because that’s all I have. Along with my faith, I’ll aspire to be what my heart desires.


With God’s love,


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